I decided to create this section solely as a reference to myself as I am keeping some recipes I cook time to time in various places. I guess there is no harm to make this public, so here it is.

The recipes below contain no ingredients with animal source (meat, egg, cheese etc.) except honey. I also try to make them as healthy as possible, in the sense of limited processed ingredients (processed meaning anything that requires modern machinery for production e.g. white sugar and flour, oil). They are from many different geographical regions but probably focused more on middle east, mediterranean region and asia, and also some are ancient as I am interested in the history of food.

I will always write the first source I learn about the recipe, but the recipe I write here might be different than the source according to my taste/simplification/modification.


Dried Fig Stew - Ancient Egypt

Very simple delicious recipe.

  • A few (4 is a generous portion I prepare for myself) dried figs
  • Some red wine and some water (you can use half/half or any ratio you want, I do half/half) to cover the figs

Boil the mixture and simmer until the figs are soft and the liquid is reduced. It takes some time.

Source: Cooking in Ancient Civilizations (Kaufman)