What is new in Java 15 ?
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This is an alive post of what will become Java 15, and, as expected, this post will expand and change over time, until the development of Java 15 is frozen in 2020. I am planning to update this post when a new feature (JEP) is targeted for JDK 15, or when there is an important update on an already targeted JEP.

Last Update: 2020/02/02

If something is a preview feature, it is fully specified and implemented, but provided in a release to gather feedback, so it is not a permanent change yet. You need to use --enable-preview to use such features.


2020/02/02: Java 15 EA Build 8 (2020/1/29).

Java 15 Features

The list is taken from the OpenJDK JDK 15 project page.

No JEP targeted for this release yet.

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