If you need to reach me, please send an email to: info at metebalci dot com

About me

I met computers at the end of 80s. I studied computer & electronics engineering (bsc, msc) at the end of 90s and early 2000s. I am curious about many things, and this blog is a reflection of that.

I have a few projects on Github.

About the content in this site

None of the posts are sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the companies or the manufacturers of the products mentioned in the posts, otherwise it will be explicitly stated in the post.

About this site

This site is generated statically using Hugo. I am editing it with vim.

I keep the site under Git version control ([email protected]) under a private GitHub repo.

I am using Netlify to host the website (but continue reading), so every commit on GitHub repo is deployed automatically (last deploy: 01 Jun 2022 20:07 UTC). I use the apex domain (metebalci.com), and www subdomain (www.metebalci.com) redirects to apex. However, the site is not served by Netlify to the public, I am using Cloudflare, so it caches the site by fetching it from Netlify and serves it to the world.

This site can only be accessed by HTTPS and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is also enabled.

I use Hover as my domain registrar and Cloudflare for DNS.

Hover and Cloudflare supports DNSSEC, and DNSSEC is enabled for this zone (metebalci.com) as well.

About the visitors

Last update: 25.04.2022

This site is visited approx. by 4K unique visitors per week as measured by Cloudflare from the server logs (no cookie, no JS, no Google Analytics). Approx. 35% of the visits come from USA, then Germany, India, France and UK. “java 18”, “nvme commands”, “dnssec tutorial”, “raspberry pi jtag” and “cpu power management” are popular (google) search keywords to find out about the pages here.